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Too tired for a fancy hairdo after a long day of work or classes? Here are four quick and cool-looking ponytails that are so easy you can master them in minutes!

  1. Chic Low Ponytail

A low ponytail is super-easy to do, but there’s a fine line between looking matronly and looking chic! To make sure you look like a runway model and not a supermarket shopper, use a long hair tie tube or tie your hair into a tube shape. There’s your cool ponytail look!
0812 pic_1

  1. Wrap Your Hair Around Your Ponytail

Leave a small section of your hair hanging loose when you create your ponytail. Then, wrap the loose hair around the ponytail like a ring for a perfect look that’s elegant and sophisticated!

0812 pic_2

  1. Ponytail with a Half-cut Twist

To look fancy on a date, braid your ponytail into a twist. For a more unique look, begin the braid at the base of your skull.

0812 pic_3

  1. Spiral Low Ponytail

To highlight the shape and pattern of your ponytail, braid it into a spiral. This will give your ponytail more texture and make your profile pop!

0812 pic_4

A little ponytail can make a big difference! Once you master these styles, you’ll be amazed at how easily you can elevate your look in minutes!


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