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Can you believe that 2024 is just a few days away? And you know what that means? New Year, New Hair, babes! 🤩 Here are some hairstyles that you can consider giving yourself a makeover, because why not, right? Keep on scrolling!

  1. Soft Bob

The hairstyle: I’m telling you, the French bob is gonna be the go-to look in 2024. Picture a short, sharp cut with some chill layers just below the ear. It’s gonna be 🔥!

Why it’s trending: This cut is like an instant confidence boost. It started making waves in Europe back in the 1920s, and now it’s a classic everyone knows. Effortless, flirty, giving off those Parisian and European vibezz

Things to take note with this haircut: Considering your hair’s natural texture and how much effort you want to put into styling is key. It’s all about the styling game! I suggest having a round brush when blow-drying for that smooth yet voluminous effect. Finish it off with a light hairspray, like Kristin Ess Dry Finish Working Texture Spray and a bit of smoothing serum on the ends to keep your hair healthy and hydrated. This Mise En Scene Perfect Serum Rose Perfume works wonders!

  1. Voluminous Layers

The hairstyle: It’s giving those ’90s supermodel vibes, all soft and nailing those contoured shapes effortlessly. A perfect way to kick off the new year!

Why it’s trending: No more settling for basic hairstyles. The 2024 mantra is go big or go home! Plus, it’s a vibe that never goes out of style. Anyone, I repeat ANYONE, can effortlessly slay with this cut!

Things to take note with this haircut: Your hair should have just enough thickness to pull off a gorgeous blowout. Imagine round layers and volume starting right from the roots. Think of voluminous roots, think of Jenny House Root Volume Fixer for that extra lift!

  1. Auburn Brown

The hairstyle: Auburn has greatly impacted 2023 hair trends and don’t expect that to go away in 2024! 💇‍♀️

Why it’s trending: Colour trends come and go, but auburn hair color has been in high demand for the past few years, and without a doubt, it’s the most versatile side of the reds palette. The reddish-brown hue is classy, has tons of dimension, and, if you need any more convincing, auburn hair looks amazing on every skin tone!

Things to take note with this hairstyle: It’s kinda known for being a bit high maintenance, needing touch-ups every six to eight weeks. And let’s be real, salon visits can hit the wallet. That’s where Garnier Hair Colour Berry Red comes in handy! It’s budget-friendly, and anyone can rock it at home!

So, feeling the revelation yet? 😉 Give these hairstyles a go, pronto!


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