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Are you bored with your long hairstyles? It’s time to try something new into your look! Why not try to get a glamorous and easy-care short haircut? Here are the top 4 ultra-modern and fabulous short hairstyles in summer 2020. I believe that you will enjoy your confident and stylish new look.

Layered Short Bob

A short bob hairstyle is still highly fashionable for summer 2020. Layered short bob hairstyle is especially suitable for medium and fine hair, which can create more volume in the hair. Chin-length bob suits different face shapes or ages. It would be also a great idea to get a wavy perm and colour your hair with highlights to be more stylish.

Blunt Bob

All hairstylists highly recommend this chic and trendy piecey no-layer haircut as “soft blunt bob”. It makes all women look professional, feminine, and flirty at the same time. Short blunt bob especially looks amazing on the ones with fine hair. It can maximize hair volume with such a basic cut.

Asymmetrical Sleek Short Bob

An asymmetrical short bob hairstyle makes you look edgy. In summer 2020, try to get an asymmetrical sleek bob to rock both long and short hair! This is a longer bob with chin-length hair on one side and shoulder-length on the other. This unbalanced hairstyle makes your hair look smooth and glamorous.

Textured Bowl Cut With Long Bangs

A bowl cut is a gender-neutral hairstyle. This hairstyle is edgy, directional, and retro that focuses on healthy and shiny strands. A textured bowl cut with long bangs is more modern and fashionable. It can soften the bluntness of the bowl fringe perfectly.


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