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A happy scalp equals happy hair. Fortifying your hair care routine with scalp care products like a scalp and hair tonic can help remedy or ease our scalp issues at home and maintain a healthy balance so that the hair can flourish.

Here are some of our editors’ favorite hair tonics from Watsons Malaysia



Extra Hair Reactive & Fall Control Tonic

Regan Extra Reactive and Hair Fall Control Tonic is formulated through years of research and development in Germany. It contains essential formula such as vitamins, nutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants which assist in nourishing the scalp, revitalizes hair and controls premature hair fall. Result is healthy, wholesome and thicker hair.


Antidandruff Hair Tonic

Can’t Stop The Itch? Audace Preven Anti-Dandruff Tonic relieves unpleasant itchy scalp and removes dry and oily dandruff for trouble-free healthy hair.

To use, apply Audace Preven Anti-Dandruff Tonic onto the scalp and massage for 3 minutes using fingertip pressure. Need not rinse off.


Anti-dandruff & Scalp Care Hair Tonic

Hair System by Watsons Anti-hair Fall Hair Tonic is a leave-in formula that helps protect and enhance elasticity. Infused with Caffeine and Ginseng Extract, it deeply nourishes and invigorates the scalp while promoting hair follicle and root health – moisturising. conditioning and energising to deliver incredible volume.


Carins Hairpro Hair Tonic Plus

Hairpro hair tonic plus is made with natural extracts to help strengthen hair, maintain hair fullness, as well as to stimulate and maintain healthy hair roots and scalp.

To use, spray hair tonic plus directly onto scalp, then massage gently and evenly. Leave hair to dry naturally.



Active Hair Tonic 

Designed for thinning and weak hair, Seborin Active Hair Tonic regenerates the hair from root to tip, and revitalizes the scalp with anti-dandruff properties.

Use daily on dry hair or after shampooing into towel dried hair. Massage approximately 2 minutes onto the scalp. Do not rinse so that high quality care agents can do their work on the hair and root.


Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Tonic

This hair & scalp tonic has a refreshing formula that soothes itchy scalps while regulating sebum for dry and oily scalps. Scalp feels clean and refreshed but not stripped after using.


Anti-Hair Fall Strengthening Scalp Tonic

This scalp tonic is formulated to help reduce hair loss. It helps to rebalance the hair growth cycle and restores the vitality of hair. It also helps to add strength and softness to the hair. Hair is stronger and healthier.


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