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Born with straight hair but just want pretty, romantic loose waves? We have all been there – it’s not that easy though. Below we have put together some easy tricks and tips that can give you the best romantic curls or your next date night. It’s time to perfect your curling game.

#1 Prep your hair first

Prep and protect your hair with curl-enhancing mousse, gel or cream before curling your hair. It helps to hold your curl and prevent your hair from the damage of heat, especially your ends. First, apply the curl-defining product to towel-dried hair and comb through from roots to ends before blow drying. Make sure your hair is completely dry before curling it, as using a heated tool on wet or damp hair means getting your hair burned and damaged. 

#2 Size & material do matter

Use a bigger barrel to achieve loose, wavy romantic curls. Curling irons come in different materials and there are far too many options, however, which iron is best? Ceramic irons are definitely worth spending money on. Ceramic irons conduct heat more evenly than metals. Aside from the fact that they use gently infrared energy that is uniformly distributed for even styling, they also cause less damage to your hair.

#3 Start from the middle

Curling your hair from the middle of each section of hair, instead of rolling from the bottom up, helps the curls stay longer. Clamp the iron in the middle of your hair, roll once or twice. Then release the clamp and slide the curling iron down and roll again. Take your time and repeat until you make it down to the bottom of your hair. Well, if you are looking for a wavier looking head of curls, switch the direction when curling each section.

#4 Lock in your curls

Ever felt frustrated when those curls went limp and flat after a few hours? Don’t forget one last step:  finish off with a light-hold hairspray to lock in your curls. Then use your fingers to brush out curls and tousle the ends gently for a soft, feminine and romantic look. Remember not to comb your curls out with your comb or brush.


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