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It’s time for a change! Step up your grooming game and get a new haircut this summer. Get inspired with fresh ideas for your next hair cut with the most trending men’s haircuts right now. These wonderful options will surely make heads turn.

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#1 Long Hair Comb Over

This classic hairstyle works best for men with thick, wavy hair, no matter what hair type, face shape or age. The best part? Comb over hairstyles don’t require much time for maintenance and styling a comb over is rather easy, unlike other haircuts like the quiff and pompadour that require time and effort. How to style a loose comb over? Start by applying a hair styling was, then tousle your hair as you spread the product throughout for a messy look.

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#2 Quiff Undercut

With its sleek sides and back, towering bouffant, the quiff undercut is no doubt a hot-weather favourite. This hairstyle works beautifully when there is plenty of hair to play with up top which can be slicked back, and the undercutting itself creates a distinct disconnection between the shaved and the longer top section. How to style it? Spray each section of your hair all the way to the roots, then blow-dry your hair into shape. Finish off using a round brush to create volume and texture.

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#3 Hard Part

A sharp and hard part creates a clean, polished and sophisticated look. How do you maintain a hard part? Hard parts require regular maintenance. It’s always best to visit your barber less than every two weeks to ensure the part is not only in the right place but also well angled, neat, and stylish. 

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