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If you are ahead of the skincare or haircare trends, and knowing that the leading brands are mostly from Korea, Ryo makes it known for its natural ingredients and innovative formulations that address various hair concerns, such as hair loss, dandruff and damage. Beautiful, fragrant hair is a game-changer, boosting your confidence in just a snap and leaving a lasting impression. We all want that no? Hair perfume is a fantastic tool to achieve this, but is it safe to use? Will it cause hair loss or other issues? Ryo brings you to the answer. But before that, here are some story behind the chosen name for this haircare.

A bit about the chosen name

One of the many historical attractions in the city of Gyeongju.
(Credit: Wikimedia)

            With the two new haircare line, namely Gyeongju situated very close to the coastal city of Busan. Its history is intertwined with the thousand-year-old Silla Kingdom, marked by a vibrant ancient culture shaped by Silla’s people. Today, Gyeongju is a UNESCO-designated city often referred to as the “museum with no walls”, preserving its rich historical legacy.

Yeosu, Yeosu is a coastal city in South
Jeolla province, South Korea.
(Credit: Wikimedia)

            And another one is Yeosu, a coastal city in South Jeolla province, South Korea, derives its name from “beautiful water”. It boasts stunning ocean views, pristine waters, and numerous uninhabited islands. Yeosu is evolving into an international ocean resort and tourist hub due to its scenic landscapes and maritime attractions.

What is Ryo Gyeongju Moon and Ryo Yeosu Sky?

            Gyeonju Moon’s hair care formula, enriched with Thyme, Geranium, Muguet, and Olibanium, offers a comprehensive solution for hair loss care, scalp care, and hair nourishment care. Beyond these benefits, it’s designed to alleviate scalp odor, with an impressive 96.7% odor relief rate. This proprietary formula also incorporates patented hair volumizing technology, promoting soft, voluminous hair. It is dermatologist tested and free from Silicone Oil and PEG Surfactants, Gyeongju Moon prioritize both efficacy and safety in its hair care products, ensuring your hair receives the pampering it deserves.

            As for Yeosu Sky, with its signature warm and calm aura, mirrors the serene blue hues of the autumn sky and sea in Yeosu. Can you imagine it? This scent, crafted in three distinct layers, emits a soothing Woody Floral fragrance that evokes the essence of a clear and cool autumn day. Its enduring scent lingers, reminiscent of cozy knitwear, bringing a sense of comfort and warmth. Comprising notes like Green-Fig Leaf, Cyclmen, Sandalwood, and Vanilla, Yeosu Sky captures the beauty and tranquility of the autumn season, inviting you to experience its unique blend of nature-inspired scents.

            In the world of Korean hair care, Gyeonju Moon and Yeosu Sky stands out under Ryo that offer not only effective solutions for hair and scalp care but also a sensorial experience that reflects the natural beauty of their respective regions. One with a remarkable odor-relief capabilities, presents a holistic approach to haircare. And on the other hand, one captures the essence of Yeosu’s tranquil coastal beauty through the evoking clear autumn sky and sea. Both emphasizing a long-lasting results and dermatologist-tested, silicone-free formulas, ensuring not only beautiful hair but also, it’s health and well-being. Don’t miss out to try it and wear your crown like you own it!

Grab yours today, exclusively available at Malaysia’s No.1 O+O Health and Beauty Retailer, Watsons Malaysia!


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