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You know that kind of feeling where we’re always welcome, where we put down our roots, and where our dreams become reality? That place is our home, and it’s the heart of our story.

So, we want to share our hearts with our Kaki Watsons by giving you a chance to win a new home from LBS as a gift from us! Keep reading to learn how! 😉

  1. The Welcome Mat

Our homes are more than just buildings, they’re like that cozy, welcoming hug we come back to every single day. They’re where love lives, where laughter fills the air, and where we find peace after a crazy day out there. The minute we walk through that front door, it’s like a warm, familiar embrace that just wraps us up.

  1. Rooted in Memories

Our homes bear witness to the beautiful tapestry of our lives. It’s where we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and achievements. It’s also where we find comfort during tough times, leaning on the walls that have seen our tears and heard our laughter. From the first steps of our children to the countless family gatherings, every corner of our homes holds a memory.

  1. Roots and Connections

Just as trees draw nourishment from the earth through their roots, we too draw strength and identity from our homes. Our roots grow deep within these walls, connecting us to our history, our culture, and our loved ones. It’s a place where traditions are passed down, and where we find a sense of belonging.

As we celebrate the importance of home, it’s also Malaysia’s No.1 O+O Health and Beauty Retailer, Watsons Malaysia 13th Watsons Club Anniversary! So, we thought, why not give our awesome #KakiWatsons a chance to win a brand-new home by LBS? After all, home is where the heart is, and we want to share our hearts with you. Plus, we’re also offering up to 60% off on your second item at our stores & online! Check out our e-Catalogue for more info!

Here’s how you can join:

  1.  If you’re a Watsons Club Member, spend RM60 in-store to get 1 entry.
  2.  Watsons Elite Members or online shoppers, you’re entitled to 2 entries.

See you in your new home! 🏡 💚


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