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Girls have probably encountered the situation of moldy makeup! Not only heart-breaking, but you also need to buy the products again. We can’t sit still until the makeup go bad. Follow these tips for maintaining your makeup items and you can reduce unnecessary losses.

If you want to avoid having mold on makeup, you should pay attention to the following tips:

Keep the environment dry

The weather is hot in summer, and everyone is used to air-conditioning. If the cold air temperature is too low and the indoor humidity is too high, the makeup are prone to mold, especially when the air conditioner is turned on and off, the temperature difference makes the room full of water, so do not turn the air conditioner too cold and do not put the makeup close to the air conditioner vent.

Make good use of gadgets

Try to avoid applying skin care products or makeup by hand, because your hands have a lot of bacteria that you can’t see. Once the bacteria hide in the products, it will easily break down, and will hurt your skin. Try to make use of gadgets to prevent touch the makeup directly.

Clean makeup brushed regularly

Makeup brushes are the easiest tool to breed bacteria, and girls like to put makeup brushes on the makeup tube and put it on the dressing table, so that brushes are all exposed to the air, and the dust easily falls between the gaps of the makeup brushes. Therefore, you must always clean the tool, otherwise you may sweep all the bacteria on your face.

Avoid being exposed directly under the sunlight

Since the temperature of the sun is too high, the moisture of the liquid makeup may be drained, or the powder may be cracked, so do not put the makeup on the window sill or where the sunlight can be reached directly.


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