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Okay chille, we know you’re just as excited as we are, but yes! Watsons Malaysia has partnered up with the MOST ANTICIPATED homegrown fashion & lifestyle event of the year, Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2023! 🔥

Pheww, is it getting fashionably hot in here? Or is it our Hair Revolution & Cosmetics Obsession deals? Scroll down as we break through all the lit backstage products you need for your perfect runway look!

Two women in pink robes

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If you’ve ever seen those runway models with their iconic hair swish, you know it’s all about the roots! Gotta have strong and healthy roots to rock that look. But if your hair roots are weak, styling becomes a struggle. So let’s go back to basics! Check the ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner. Go for sulfate-free products, and our top pick? SCHWARZKOPF Extra Care Ginger Scalp Purify range. It’s a winner ’cause it detoxifies your scalp, boosts hair strength and keeps your locks healthy! Oh, and remember not to shampoo your hair every day, as it may dry it out and lead to breakage. Dry and damaged hair is a red flag for a runway show! 🚩

Once your roots are in great shape, styling becomes a breeze! Grab your comb and give those roots a slight backcomb for a light lift.  Your hair will move more gracefully, even if you’ve used hairspray on the rest of it.

Now, we know it’s common to apply heat on your hair to style it, but have you ever heard of heatless curls? Not only does it save you time in the morning, especially when you’re in a rush (Busted: Watsons admin is not a morning person lol), but it’s also 1000000x better than using heat styling tools. This is because if you resort to hot tools, you’re perpetuating an endless cycle of heat damage, but the alternative is looking like Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries (pre-makeover) or ending up with lifeless and dead hair.

Lucky for you, heatless curls exist for a reason (See video for more clarity). Make sure to prep it first using a Curl Defining Cream to give your curls that defined look. And to finish off your routine, use a Thickening Spray for super soft, fluffy, and voluminous curls!

A person putting on makeup

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You know the drill. When it comes to that Model Runway Look, it’s all about that fresh-faced makeup! Here are some insider runway makeup tips and techniques to create your own off-duty model look.

Get Your Base Right

If your base looks good, everything else will look better. A solid foundation and concealer routine give you the perfect platform for all other products to slay on top. Maybelline Fit Me is a makeup artist’s fave for a reason! It’s lightweight but gives you all the coverage you need. So, when you see most models strutting their stuff, their skin looks fresh and smooth, they’ve totally nailed that base game!

Catwalk-Ready Lashes

Your natural lashes can be dense, sparse, naturally curled or short. So, you gotta find the perfect mascara formula to match the effect you’re going for. For instance, if you already have those super curly lashes and don’t need extra curl, try a lengthening mascara. It’ll simply add length to your lashes! But if you have straight, stubborn Asian lashes like me (Busted: Watsons admin is Asian, obviously!), then you might want to curl your lashes three times, instead of one using a waterproof mascara (Psst.. this type of mascara was used during Sofia Richie’s wedding. Go check out what it is!). Curling them three times is a great way to create and define an obvious curl. Essentially, you’re over-curling your lashes so it takes longer for them to fall, which means the curled shape can last longer.

Use your hands

Forget the brushes and sponges! We’ve got ready-made make-up applicators right here, our hands! Top celebrity make-up artist Mary Greenwell swears by them, using her hands constantly for that seamless, skin-like finish. Not only are they hygienic, but they’re also super quick for makeup application, perfect for those busy moments. Many models are all about this make-up tip for their no make-up make-up routines!

There you have it! Our Hair Revolution and Cosmetics Obsession that you can’t miss out on! And there’s up to 50% OFF + an extra RM15 OFF when you spend RM150 on cosmetics or RM12 OFF when you spend RM120 on hair products! Yessir! Don’t forget to check out our e-Catalogue for more amazing deals!

Ahoy there!  Ready to sail on your Titanic dream adventure?  Join our Spend & Sail contest today by spending RM80 as a Watsons Club Member in-store or online!  And the grand prize is a 4D3N Singapore-Penang-Singapore cruise on the amazing Royal Caribbean Spectrum of the Seas!

Can you feel the excitement? It’s gonna be a wave of fun and you won’t wanna miss it hihi. So set sail and let’s make your cruise dreams come true!


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