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Hey hey #KakiWatsons! 😘 Harini min nak buat review jujur skincare brand yang tengah viral dekat TikTok, tak lain tak bukan dari brand Somethinc! At the same time, macam mana serum layering guna produk Somethinc boleh buat skin korang lagi flawless macam butir telur.

Wait, seriouslah telur? Teruskan membaca! 👇

First thing first, tengok the ingredients. Macam brand Somethinc ni, dorang memang highlight the ingredients as their product name and another green flag, all Somethinc products contain NO FRAGRANCE, which makes the brand a good first impression already! 😉

  1. DO layer 1 active + 1 moisturising ingredient.

There’s no better duo than Fire and Water. Bad and Good. Yin & Yang. It’s called balance giteww. Same goes for our skincare routine. Since it’s active, it can be a bit irritating and cause dramatic changes to our skin. Buttttt, if you mix it with a gentle ingredient, then you’ll most likely strengthen your skin barrier and improve effectiveness without causing any purging. For example, MIX THESE:

✔️ Salicylic Acid + Niacinamide = Best combo ever! Good vibez together! 😉

✔️ Retinol + Diamond Phyto Stem Cell = Retinol promotes cell turnover but mixing it with diamond-infused skincare that is so moisturising and gentle? Chefs kiss! 😘

  1. DON’T layer two active ingredients together.

This is because, active ingredients, acid particularly, are already harsh ingredients. So, if you add more and more, skin barrier korang akan rosak teruk! Contohnya, NEVER MIX:

Salicylic Acid + Retinol = Worst combo ever!

Niacinamide + Vitamin C = Neutralise the effectiveness and can cause irritation as well!

❓ Glycolic Acid/Lactid Acid (AHA) + Salicylic Acid (BHA) = Depends. Although, it’s scientifically proven to be safe, it’s just too much to be used together. Kalau nak combine jugak, pagi AHA, malam BHA. Make sure you listen to your skin, kalau pedih, STOP IMMEDIATELY!

  1. Layer from THINNEST to THICKER consistency. Contohnya:

This is to allow all the layering that we do berkesan and the products dapat absorb better. Imagine if you combine two serums that are heavy and thicker in texture, it’ll take so much time for you to blend it and let them absorb. Even worse, the products will just sit on top of your skin and muka korang rasa tak selesa. So, DO THIS:

✔️ Hyaluronic Acid + Diamond Phyto Stem Cell = BEST COMBO for DRY SKIN TYPE!

Certain Hyaluronic Acid serum ada yang lightweight, ada yang feels heavy on your skin, but this one from Somethinc has a runny, watery texture, makes it easier to be absorbed into your skin.

Diamond Phyto Stem Cell pulak, the visual pun dah nampak thicc and saturated. Tak make sense lah kalau tak thick and tak moisturising kan? But don’t worry, even though if it has a thicker consistency, Somethinc Diamond Phyto Stem Cell serum ni cepat je serap and your face won’t feel heavy even if there’s a diamond in your skin! 😉

Once korang dah layer your serums, then lock them using your preferred moisturiser! Make sure to apply sunscreen especially when you guys layer it with active acid (PENTING!) macam Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Retinol, etc.

Overall, Somethinc is a definite BUY and min tak regret TikTok yang racun min untuk beli! Korang pun boleh try and beli produk Somethinc ni hanya dekat Watsons both STORES & ONLINE okie! 💙


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