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Once struggle is grasped, miracles are possible! Have it crossed your mind that SOME BY MI – the famous Korean beauty product was actually meant “SOMEthing” and “BY a miracle” were combined with “MI”, which means “beauty” in Korean. SOME BY MI believes that their formulated products with mild and skin-friendly ingredients are free from harmful chemicals, so now we can breathe 😊

Glowy-dewy skin!

We have come up with 5 easy steps in achieving the miracle portion of a glowing skin without much effort, read further out below:

  1. Some by Mi Bubble Cleanser

When we were kids, we admit that we all love playing with bubbles. The sensation of light foam like soft clouds on our skin, leaving it supple and cleanse after a full bath. With the Some By Mi Bubble Cleanser, it just made our ritual skincare even more fun with a result of a beautifully glow-dewy skin without putting much effort in it. The Bubble Cleanser comes in two different products with abundant purposes.

  • Bye Bye Blemish Vita Tox Brightening Bubble Cleanser

To get a brighter complexion, this is the one that helps to achieve it! It clears the dead skin cells with the grain scrubbing – promise that it is gentle 😊 and that will create a deep cleansing to wash away all skin impurities. With the bubble effect which works as an Oxygen bubble eventually brightened the complexion after cleansing. If you like the refreshing smell each time after cleansing, then this is the one for you! The Green Tangerine and Yuja mix which gives you a citrusy awakening scent leaving you fresh and lovely each time after a cleanse.

  • Bye Bye Blackhead 30 Days Miracle Green Tea Tox Bubble Cleanser

The other magic portion works best for make up lovers. Why? We love using make-ups almost daily which eventually assist in blackheads formation. Yes, we know what’s on your mind. With SOME BY MI Blackhead Miracle Green Tea Tox Bubble Cleanser, this gem has a BHA Bubble Deep cleansing that can penetrate deep to eliminate blackheads by removing stubborn dirt and dead skin cells. Best part is that it helps to tighten the pores and moisturized finish after each cleansing.  

  1. Propolis Toner

With the 65% Pro-Pathenol (Propolis + B5), this adds to moisturize the skin and maintaining a strong skin barrier. The Truecica, Bee pollen, Ceramide, Hyaluronic acid moisture and sooth skin. Jeju Rapeseed honey, Royal Jelly makes a brightly glowing, dewy skin. Remembered it was mentioned earlier?! Cool right?

  1. Propolis Serum

Here is another calming portion which has 74% Pro-Pathenol (Propolis+B5) serum. This serum has Royal Gold Honey Rx (24K Gold + Royal Jelly + Honey) makes an even glow radiance by strengthening the skin barrier. Best part is, it spreads easily without being oily and the skin is locked with moisturization for a longer time.

  1. Charcoal BHA Pore Clay Bubble mask

This Pore detox (brightening) bubble mask works to give an extra tender loving care towards the our skin issues whereby it thoroughly washes away sebum and skin impurities. This wash-off type carbonated bubble mask, formulated with charcoal and also with BHA agent that manages the dead skin cells and the pores for a brighter, smooth-looking complexion. Best is to be used at least once or twice a week.

  1. Sunserum

Last but not least, living in a country with excessive sun exposure. My darling, we need to protect our dear skin from this harsh ray contact! As promised by SOME BY MI, miracles works best and there are two Daily Waterfull Sun Serum which will cater to your skin needs.

  • The White Sun Serum

The White Sun Serum is with SPF 50+ PA++++ Natural Tone-up, sensify the skin that soothe and moisturize your skin while it is protected. The White Flower Complex that will help to brighten your skin which gives a clear and transparent skin effect. With the SPF 50+ PA++++, it is best for daily use and outdoor activities.

  • The Peach Sun Serum

The Peach Sun Serum is with SPF 50+ PA++++ has a Lively Peach Tone Up which gives your skin a natural touch which at the same time also works to protect your skin from the harsh sun exposure. CICA added for soothing and skin irritation test was completed. The vital boosting ingredients that helps with anti-inflammation and antioxidation leaves gives you a peachy bright skin.

So, better Teh Tarik or Teh Tarik tanpa Teh? 😊

All SOME BY MI range are available at all store and online with just clicks away to your glowy-dewy miracle skin!


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