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As you are reading this, most probably you are thinking of what you can do today or the days to come while observing to stay at home. Well, we want to give you some quick ideas on how to keep up to stay gorgeous while staying indoors.

Follow through these 3 cool ideas from Watsons Brand products that will keep you to stay hygienic and beautiful as always.

  1. You deserve it so pamper yourself!

We are all in to advocate for products and ingredients which are natural and nothing falls short with the range from Naturals by Watsons. One in particular is the Prestige Rose Body Care that comes in body scrub, cream bath, body lotion and hand cream. The main function for this range is to soften your skin and plus with formulation up to 97 natural ingredients and 100% vegan – just your best option to pamper your skin at home.

  1. Staying hygienic at all times, even at home!

One cannot deny that staying hygienic even indoors is what we are most concerned about and to maintain a decent overall health and wellness is to maintain proper personal hygiene. Keep your worries out of the window with Watsons Brand Antibacterial Nourish Plus range, your solution to which kills 99.9% germs and bacteria while the Nourish Plus formula keeps your skin nourished and moisturized. Aside from the hand sanitiser, spray and wipes you can have a choice of cream bath available in 5 variants of pine, mint, cucumber, orange + lime and freesia + pear while the foaming hand wash comes in 2 variants of wild berry and pine.

  1. Your hair is your crown!

As the saying goes, your hair is the epitome of your beautiful self with healthier hair. From the comfort of your own home, you can make this happen with the new and improved Hair System by Watsons product range which is upgraded with Prebiotic that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria to protect the human skin from infections and other environmental insults, thus resulting in an improved and healthier scalp and hair. You gotta know that with the presence of Prebiotic, it balances your hair scalp microbiome to provide an optimal environment for hair growth. So the magic happens with this range which includes anti hair fall shampoo, 7-in-1 premium treatment, anti hair fall hair tonic and hair oil.

Hopefully we have enticed you enough (or the least bagi semangat) to encourage you to stay hygienic and beautiful even when staying home. Remember, it is you who determines the best for yourself. And by the way, if you are a PULSE user you get 5% OFF everyday on all Watsons Brand products.


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