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Ever thought and wondered why do we have different brands for each of our beauty regime needs? For example, hair care, is a mixture of brand A and B, different shampoo because of the pH level and the hair oil from brand B fits better on the skin. And then, not to forget, different shampoo brands works better with brand C conditioner. When shampoo brand is out of stock, had to go to brand E instead. Oh, what a chaos!

But, as we said, JennyHouse is in the house y’all! It is here to stay. Why? Because “Everyone Can Shine Like a Star”. You don’t need to mix and match the hair care with another different brand of shampoo or whatever products that you feel fits well because JennyHouse is an all-green grade natural brand.

With this hair volume care in line, it helps to strengthen the hair roots on the scalp and at the same time investing the health on our hair. With the current heat climate that we are facing, hair fall is one issue that we hardly find a solution. With the Double synergy for the scalp of Centella Asiatica Extract, it has an excellent effect on calming and moisturizing the skin of the head, and adding on Madecassoside, an active ingredient obtained from the leaves and stems of Centella Asiatica, this aids on to the maximum effect after using JennyHouse hair Volume Care.

Starting with the Self-Up Real Volume Shampoo, this relieves the hair loss symptoms and volume styling. Too much visits to the Salon? No problem, you can save up and safe your hair from being damaged by adding on JennyHouse in your haircare routine. This contains 4,000PPM of Hydrolyzed Collagen, which fills the scalp and hair with moisture.

To add on the tenderness and love and care to our haircare routine, with Self-Up Real Volume Treatment, which is 96% derived from nature, it forms a protective film on damaged cuticles. Sounds so soothing. Yes, JennyHouse hair Volume Care works wonders by following the step by step regime, which is pretty easy and simple to follow.

For an extremely damaged hair, thin and weak hair, to add on the Intensive Protein Ampoule by JennyHouse is a plus! This coats the outside hair with 97% of viscosity by increasing the agents which derives from nature. A highly concentrated formulation. Followed by the Root Volume Fixer, also 92% derives from nature, the styling which comes alive with natural setting power. This silicone oil does not clings to your fingers and it works smoothly when styling your hair.

To add on for the curly and bouncy waves, JennyHouse has a Style Curling Serum which creates natural curl waves with moisture, it’s a transparent gel which is made out of 93% from the nature. It is non-sticky formula and does not leave any residue on your hands when you are in a rush in the morning.

Last but not least, the Heating Care Quick Dry Mist by JennyHouse, this is a Bi-Phase quick-dry essence mist. Forget about all the perfume hair mist you have because this product features oil and water – an experience suspended and moist hydration and nutrition for your haircare at the same time.

If you are going for a change of hair color, without damaging the hair, JennyHouse Premium Hair Color has 7 color in line for you to try out! It calms down both the scalp and hair with CICA and also the Galctomyces will take care of your hair by leaving it smooth and glossy finish. The Hydrokeratin, which helps your hair to stay healthy with protein aids on while coloring your hair. Not to forget, the “Easy and Fast” Pudding dye by JennyHouse New Salon Chord. This helps in transforming the hair color quick and easy, without even combing your hair! The pudding texture will turn into a firm pudding which does not flow down when it is applied to the hair. Saves the spots on our white shirt!

So much interesting new products to try, why wait? Grab all JennyHouse Hair Volume Care with the Color Chord for a twist of change, all available at Watsons online and in-store.


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