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From East to West, celebrities like Rihanna, Park Shin-hye and Chou Tzu-yu look fabulous with their beautiful, wavy hair. You can achieve your own set of Boho curls without damaging your hair with heat or curlers. With a simple hair band and a good night’s sleep, you can wake up to natural, soft waves!

Step 1: Wet Your Hair

Slightly moisten your hair with a spray. Make sure your hair is only slightly damp, so you won’t get a headache or end up with a wet pillow. To get the best possible result, you can use some hair products as well.0922 pic_1_0

Step 2: Put on the Hair Band

Comb your hair thoroughly. Then put on a thin (~2 cm) elastic hair band or a sport headband.

0922 pic_2_0

Step 3: Twist or Braid Your Hair

Starting by your sideburns, grab a small section of hair about the width of your thumb and start twisting or braiding it.

0922 pic_3_0

Step 4: Tuck the Hair into the Hair Band

Tuck the twisted hair into the hair band; use bobby pins to secure it in place if you want tighter curls.

0922 pic_4_0

Step 5: Go to Bed

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all of your hair is twisted and tucked into the hair band. If you have a lot of hair in the back of your head, twist it in two layers. Then just go to sleep. The magic moment comes in the morning when you undo your hair and are amazed at the awesome waves in the mirror!

0922 pic_5_0

Isn’t this a perfect way to achieve pretty, wavy hair? It takes minimal effort and won’t hold the waves too long, so you can still keep your hairstyle versatile. Now go spread the word to your besties and family so they can look just as fabulous!


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