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Finding it hard to tell what makes one lip colour product different from another? We feel you. There are basically four types of lippies: lipstick, lip powder, lip balm and lip gloss.  Let’s check out what makes each of these lip products so different and special.

1. Lipstick

Lipstick generally tends to have more staying power and give more coverage than most other lip products. And stick lipsticks have a wide range of finishes – from shimmery to satin to high gloss to matte – for you to create different looks.

lipstick, lip powder, lip balm & lip gloss

Lipstick is mainly made of wax, oil, pigments, and dyes. It has brighter and more vibrant colours, giving more coverage than lip balm.

Before you apply lipstick, moisture your lip with nourishing lip balm is very important. Also, don’t forget to apply lip primer to prolong longevity and reduce feathering. See more tips on how to make your lipstick last all day.

But if your lips are extremely dry with flaky dead skin, the lipstick will cling to them. In that case, tinted lip balm will be more suitable.

2. Lip powder

Can’t imagine dry, clumpy powder on lips? How do they work?

Lip powder is not a conventional powder since it contains silica silylate. This chemical absorbs the natural oil of lips and then transforms the powder into cream. Compares to lipstick, lip powder can last longer. By leaving a powdery-matt finish, it also has better coverage.

Although lip powder is infused with Vitamin E and oil to make it smoother and last longer, it also will magnify the cracks and dry patches of your lip.

Do remember to scrub the dead skin and moisture the lips. After that, use lip primer and lip liner to prevent lip powder from bleeding.

3. Lip balm

lipstick, lip powder, lip balm & lip gloss

A lip balm keeps your lips moisturized and smooth as it prevents them from drying out to achieve a soft and kissable pout.

If you want to have a natural and moisture look, lip balm will be a good choice. It gives your dry lips hydration and nourishment. Most lip balms are colourless while some of them are tinted lip balms with buildable and sheer colours.

A tinted lip fits those looking for a more natural look, or who want to prep dry, chapped lips before lipstick.


4. Lip gloss

lipstick, lip powder, lip balm & lip gloss

The main function of lip gloss is to make lips have a crystal and glassy look. It helps to make your lips look fuller and eye-catching. It can be transparent or tinted. Depending on whether your makeup look is subtle and clear or not, you can choose different shades or the level of pigment.

Lip gloss can apply alone or on top of lipstick to enhance its colour. It’s suitable for various occasions since it’s like a highlighter for your daily or night look. Lip gloss is not long-lasting, so you need to reapply it every 3-4hours. It’s better to apply lip gloss on the centre of the top and bottom lip to prevent it from goopy.

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