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We would like to make it the most memorable Swag Bag ever for your next Bachelor or Bachelorette Party! Knowing that all invited guests put in an effort to get off some time for the overnight or 2-3 days getaway to make it a special moment spent together with the groom or bride to be! 🎉

Here are some ideas as we dive deeper into the Swag Bag inputs:

  1. Sexy Party Swag Bag

First, let’s start with the theme. Let’s say it’s within the city getaway, an overnight party after a nice dine-in dinner or dance in the club, all we need is a good pack of “Sexy Party Swag Bag”:

  • Lip Balm: Too much good food and drinks, and then your lipstick got wiped out? Add on the Watsons Lip balm which comes in handy for occasions like this.
  • Wet Wipes: The after-party feeling sometimes can feel a lil’ bit too greasy. Not to worry, we have this covered too! A small pocket Mini wet wipe tissue with OMG Floral Scented by Watsons, which is currently on promo with 2nd purchase 60% off!*
  • Light bites: With extra flavor to kick in the kinky party, here’s chocolate granola bites by Amazing Graze that you can include inside your party bag to keep the party going!
  • Sunny Hun Swag Bag

Next, the 3D2N getaway to an island, Langkawi or Phuket or Bali? Where all we can do is just bask under the sun, having fun, and party!!! Here are some ideas for your “Sunny Hun Swag Bag”

  • Sun protection: Before getting that sunbath or pose for the gram memoirs. Don’t forget to add in the Biore UV Perfect Milk Moisture SPF 50+ Sunscreen 25ml with the 2nd purchase at 60% off! This promo is just too good to be true kan?
  • Wet Wipes: The sun can sometime makes us sweaty with some special BO (oops!), but not to worry, we have this covered too! A small pocket Mini wet wipe tissue with OMG Floral Scented by Watsons, keeps you clean and fresh, which is currently on promo with 2nd purchase 60% off!
  • Snacks: Maybe some snacks for the trip? Healthy snacks most definite. We have Love Earth cocktail mix which is perfect for this goodie bag because we all just love to snack in between right? 😊
  • Spa Loves Me Swag Bag

Or, when your Groom or Bride to Be prefers a hideout and just pamper in a villa, sitting in relaxing and chit-chat gelak-gelak, this one too, easy peasy for your Spa Loves Me Swag Bag:

  • Face Mask: Face Mask by Abib Mild Acidic pH Mask Jericho Rose Fit 1s with a 2nd purchase at 80% off! So if you have more than 5 coming to the party, this would be a perfect add ons to your Swag bag!
  • Face Oil: Since nak RnR right, so here is one cool add ons, not just for the team bride but also for the grooms team too! It’s Cosmoderm Vit E Oil 30,000IU 30ml and it comes with promo purchase too!
  • Foot Peeling: All pampering should be from head to toe right? So this one is perfect too, and yes, whatever we share comes with good benefits because this  My Scheming Foot Peeling Black Mask x 1 Pair 1’s is also with 60% off on your 2nd purchase.

We got you covered not just because of the promo, but we want you to have a fulfilling memory for your next bachelor or bachelorette party get-together along with the Swag Bag ideas!! Have fun!!

*Terms and conditions apply. While stocks last.


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