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If there’s one K-pop girl group that absolutely needs no introduction, it’s got to be Blackpink. From chart-topping albums that have gained worldwide recognition, to famous hit singles featuring America’s biggest pop stars (like Ice Cream feat. Selena Gomez and a collab with Lady Gaga for Sour Candy), Blackpink is truly a K-pop sensation that’s at its peak in the global music and entertainment industry. And now with Netflix’s Blackpink: Light Up The Sky documentary being released, fans all over the world have gotten to know its members—Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé—a little better. Each one comes with their own unique personality and background, which contributes to the band’s diverse appeal.

Even in the fashion and beauty scene, the stunning ladies are stealing the spotlight with their enviable yet distinct style and fresh-faced makeup looks, especially those featured in their music videos. It’s no wonder they’ve since signed on with numerous labels to become brand ambassadors. The latest one on their list? Mise En Scene Hello Bubble hair colour!

One thing these girls never shy away from is colour, especially when it comes to hair—they’re hair colour chameleons! So, if you’ve always wanted to look like one of your favourite Blackpink members, here’s how to recreate their head-turning looks with a super easy DIY hair colour that you can apply at home.

If your idol is Jennie

Be bold like Jennie with Sahara Rose Pink!

With her sultry, feline-like eyes and youthful cheekbone structure, Jennie exudes a mysterious feminine charm. And while she may be extremely shy off-stage (she used to find it hard to even make an order over the phone!), she’s not afraid of sporting a bold set of locks for her performance on stage. If Jennie is your girl crush, go for statement-making hues like the cool Mermaid Green or flaming-hot Sahara Rose Pink. Identity more with her shy side? Subtler shades like Choco Brown or Dark Choco are your safer bets.

Try: Mermaid Green / Sahara Rose Pink / Choco Brown / Dark Choco

If your idol is Lisa

Or go gold like Lisa with Matte Gold!

Despite her signature doe-eyed look and sweet demeanour, Lisa is quite the tomboy at heart and her style is often edgier and more street-inspired (PS: she also has a love for vintage clothing). The same can be said about the Thai native’s choice of hairstyles and hues, which tend to lean on the daring, fashion-forward side. Take for instance, her signature blunt bangs, accompanied by super-straight strands, whether worn long or chopped into a sleek bob. Love Lisa’s style? Then steal her look with the bright Matte Gold or luxe Deep Bordeaux Rose.

Try: Matte Gold / Deep Bordeaux Rose

If your idol is Jisoo

Or look cool like Jisoo with Mettalic Ash!

Often referred to as unnie (which means older sister in Korean) because she’s literally the oldest in the group, Jisoo is known for her classic K-beauty appearance and also her quirky sense of humour that tends to lift the mood in the room. Though her trademark tresses are always seen in darker hues within the brown and black spectrum, Jisoo turns up the drama once in a while with cooler, ashy tints or a glossy sheen of metallics. To emulate Jisoo’s understated look, turn to the Metallic Ash hue that comes with a purple undertone.

Try: Metallic Ash

If your idol is Rosé

Or maybe go with Ash Khaki Brown like Rosé!

There’s a good reason why Rosé stands out in a group picture—and it’s all thanks to her signature platinum blonde locks. Her bleached hair palette is often rendered in an array of pinks and purples to golden hues and brassy brown tones, which complement her flawless porcelain skin perfectly. Want to go lighter in the hair colour department like Rosé? Easy. Just reach for the Ash Khaki Brown hue. Pro tip: The lighter your current strands are, the brighter this colour will pop!

Try: Ash Khaki Brown

Get Blackpink’s K-beauty look with Hello Bubble hair colour

Good news: There’s no need to hit up your nearest salon to get gorgeous hair colour inspired by your favourite K-pop girl group. Now with the all-new Mise En Scene Hello Bubble hair colour exclusively available at Watsons, you can achieve your favourite Blackpink member’s look in the comfort of your own home! The best part? All the featured shades are inspired by Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé themselves. How cool!

Here’s what you need to know about the Hello Bubble X Blackpink range:

Fail-proof application for beginners

Easy DIY at home!

The Hello Bubble hair colouring kit comes with lots of foam and bubbles in its formula, which makes self-application super easy, even for beginners! After all, you can just apply it like shampoo, leave it on for about 30 minutes, and then rinse it off.

Hair stays damage-free

Gorgeous colored hair in no time!

No need to worry about damaging your precious locks because for starters, Hello Bubble is an ammonia-free hair dye. Secondly, it contains a secret magic ampoule comprising botanical extracts like chamomile, lavender, and lily that will ensure your hair stays soft and smooth after being dyed. In fact, it conditions your hair so well, you’ll end up with shinier strands than before!

Soothing scent and gentle on scalp

Your hair will smell amazing too!

Besides leaving your hair smelling oh so good, the calming botanical fragrance also makes for a relaxing self-care routine, especially after a long day. Now that’s a great way to pamper yourself at the same time! Bonus: Both lavender and lily extracts also provide gentle, soothing care for your scalp.

Variety of trendy colours approved by influencers

Choose from 8 beautiful shades!

The Hello Bubble hair colour comes in an array of 8 beautiful shades ranging from deep and warm hues to cooler, pastel tones that will match your skin tone and provide a natural look, just like it did for the Blackpink members! And as if the Blackpink-inspired palette isn’t convincing enough, these trendy hair colours are also approved by influencers who have testified to getting a vivid colour finish that left them with shinier and more nourished hair.

Can’t wait to look like Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, or Rosé? Shop the Hello Bubble X Blackpink range here!


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