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Step into the enchanting world of CNY lantern-lit streets and the familiar hum of excitement because, guess what, Chinese New Year 2024 is around the corner! 🐉 Join Watsons Malaysia as we ‘Enter the Dragons’ to bring you the best festive vibes!

We’re here to convince you why Watsons’ CNY ‘Enter The Dragon’ Main Film is the Best 6-minute watch in 2024! We promise you, the film is all about extending warm Chinese New Year greetings to you, indulging in delicious Chinese New Year food, offering exclusive CNY hampers, finding the perfect CNY gift, and even enjoying the beats of our special CNY song! 🎶 And that’s not all! Dive into our exciting CNY sale for fantastic deals and discounts. Because this Chinese New Year, Watsons is not just a store; it’s your festive destination!

Picture this: a cinematic spectacle featuring the crème de la crème – Mimi Chu, Amber Chia, 培永 Phei Yong, Hann Xiao Aii, Perry Kuan, Joey Kong, Alvin Wong, Chelsia Ng, Mark O’Dea, Kyzer Tou, and the highlight of this year’s film – Unik! It’s almost like tuning into a riveting TVB drama, but with a twist.

This star-studded short film isn’t just about entertainment; it’s a gateway to a world where health, beauty, and family ties, alongside delightful CNY food like CNY biscuits, and CNY hamper, take the spotlight. Be sure to watch the video till the end.

Entering the Dragon #HappyBeautifulYear, a cinematic masterpiece that unveils a treasure trove of CNY sale. It’s not just about snagging great deals on health and beauty products; it’s a gentle nudge to prioritize well-being and the ties that bind us during this season through the Watsons mobile app, at your fingertip convenience!

In the midst of the dazzling celebrations, it’s easy to be swept away by the hustle and bustle. But this film is more than just a visual feast; it’s a poignant reminder that the cornerstone of a truly prosperous life lies in good health. Not just the grand packaging to look out for, but the benefits to health is a plus, such as BRANDS Essence of Chicken  makes it convenient to carry along as a gift or a great CNY hamper just like in the film when the twins Seng Long and Long Long came to visit, for sure, these are one of the things we don’t want to miss out. To start with, HERBAL FARMER Joyful Dragon CNY Hamper Combo C Y2024 or EMPIRE HAMPER

(Non-Halal) CNY Hamper Festive Gift Pack Set could be your perfect match as the best gift for CNY!

Furthermore, this CNY sale is extended to encompass beauty products that promote both inner and outer radiance. The belief is that true beauty starts from within, and by taking care of one’s health can achieve a natural and vibrant glow. Special discounts on skincare, cosmetics, and grooming products are among the highlights of the Chinese New Year Promotion, encouraging all Watsons customers to indulge in self-care rituals that enhance their well-being. Glow glow bring more huat mah 😊

As the Year of the Dragon unfolds, we wish you a happy Chinese New Year to all Kaki Watsons who are celebrating! Through this CNY sale, it is not just offering discounts but fostering a celebration that aligns with the true spirit of the season – a celebration that prioritizes the health, beauty, and happiness of every family. Wishing you a ‘rawr’-ing #HappyBeautifulYear!

Watch the MOST AWAITED CNY Main Film in 2024 now! 👉🏻 Watsons CNY 2024 – Enter The Dragons 同心同喜,过靓年!


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