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So, besties, you’re graduating soon, huh? Ain’t that GOOD NEWS! Well, you’ve gotta make it as memorable as possible because after years and years of studying, crying and caffeinating, you deserve to be congratulated and celebrated, don’t you think? 🙂

For that matter, we’ve collected some beauty and essential guides to help you make sure your graduation day experience is an A+! To all graduating peeps, I repeat. This will be YOUR day so, OWN it, ENJOY it and SLAY it! ✨

  1. Prep your Skin Like a Grown-Up!

For a nice, glowing skin, opt for exfoliating products because the active ingredients such as AHA, BHA, PHA etc. will smooth out your skin and get rid of all the dead skin cells and dullness.  Start by scrubbing it out around the center of your face first where excess sebums in the pores are most clogged, followed by the corners of your mouth and right around the chin area as well. But… bear in mind to NOT OVER EXFOLIATE because it’s going to strip off the natural layers of your skin, which leads to breakouts! You don’t want fat, nasty pimples on your special day, right? That’s what I thought! 🤭

The next step is CRUCIAL to have sunscreen at least SPF35 to prevent UV damage and keep your skin healthy! You can do all your previous steps, but if you don’t apply sunscreen, then there’s no point at all. Protect what you’re treating and nourishing, lovelies!

  1. Prime and Set your Makeup!

Cakey mess makeup who? Don’t know her! This is where you need to make sure your makeup can last as long as possible since all eyes will be on you! When it comes to beauty talk, actual makeup primers are the ones that go underneath your makeup to improve your oily and textured appearance so, have faith on makeup primers because they will make a massive difference in how your makeup wears throughout the day. Pinky promise!

If you haven’t already fallen in love with using setting spray, then you’re missing out because it works to keep sweat at bay and your makeup intact! Silky Girl’s Makeup Setting Spray Matte is an excellent product choice for setting makeup! (Your makeup besties approved!) Once you’ve finished applying your makeup, hold the spray at least 12 inches away from your face and mist away until everything is covered. Then, allow the spray to fully dry, and remember, it’s imperative to keep your hands off your face to prevent any rubbing or smudges!

  1. Hairstylist Secrets to Smoother, Shinier Hair!

Don’t neglect your hair! This is your sign to start loading up on hair-healthy foods which include fish, avocados, olives, blueberries, nuts and more that are beneficial for your skin and hair! You could also try to boost some shine to your hair by adding a layer that reflects light such as hair oils, serums and sprays that are accessible to you at your nearest #WatsonsMalaysia STORES & ONLINE! 🛒

Of course, styling your hair with heat is a common thing but, this is not your COMMON day, people hello?? And little did you know that heat causes the protective outer layer of hair to open, leaving it vulnerable to damage? Who wants that? Nobody! Try this HEAT-LESS T-shirt curls that have been going on TikTok so that you can definitely sleep on it! By just using your t-shirt on your hair and leave it overnight, you’re all set. It’s literally FREE, just watch the video!


Updates tutorial for everyone asking:) #heatlessblowout #noheatblowout #tshirtblowout #tshirtcurls #heatlessstraighthair

♬ original sound – MyPawfectFamily (Sahana)
  1. A “Hijabi” Tutorial for a Jolly!
Source: @sofeashra

This is highly devoted to all “Hijabi” Queens out there, we see you! Make a perfect statement from the crowd style with your hijabs! First thing first, find a suitable hijab material and colour that comply with your dress code for your convocation! Next, bring your baby powder with you just in case you have that annoying pesky stain on your hijab. You can’t predict what will happen, so sediakan payung sebelum hujan at its best! If it does happen, worry not, just try adding some baby powder over the affected area and allow the powder to absorb the oils for 5 minutes. Once it’s done, gently wash away the powder and just like magic, your hijab is brand new! Now, the latest hijab tutorial from the Queen herself, @sofeashra is at your service!

  1. Important Documents you can NEVER forget!

If you thought that graduands forgot or brought the incorrect documentation was a minor issue for the convocation ceremony, think again. You don’t want to be congratulated without getting on stage first, right? Respect the ceremony if you want to be respected, ha gituu~ Make sure to double check your respective University’s procedures and print ‘em all in A1 size if you must! (Jokes aside; seriously, don’t forget to bring your IC and the rest of the necessary documents with you!)

That’s all peeps! We wish you all the best for your convocation ceremony and congratulations once again!


Aloha!! It’s that time of the year… cuti-cuti la la la!


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