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When we speak of taking showers, you would probably remember the horrifying scene from the movie The Grudge or Psycho but let’s leave the aesthetic to Hollywood films right there and instead bring you why taking shower is good or important especially when it comes to personal hygiene.

Taking a shower cleans the skin and removes dead skin cells to help clear the pores and allow the skin cells to function and that it washes away bacteria and other irritants that could cause rashes and other skin problems.

But is taking long showers good for you?

Well according to the researchers at Yale University, people who take a long-hot shower may do so to subconsciously ward off feelings of loneliness or social isolation. It could be seen as a time of relaxation when having cold or mild warm water showered from above, it seems proven as physically you are enjoying the sensation. But it is also constituting longer water exposure that can lead to dry skin and hair. A longer shower also “gives the water a chance to allow any cleansers to be more damaging.”

Giving you some fun facts about shower, you may not know of:

  1. The first patented mechanical shower was invented in 1767 by Englishman William Feetham.
  1. The amount of water used in a 5 minute shower is equivalent to 75 liters or 20 gallons!
Remember to use water wisely!
  1. The world record for the longest shower was recorded in 1985 which lasted for an astounding 340 hours and 40 minutes by Kevin “Catfish” McCarthy or in a simpler time frame for just over two weeks!
  1. In the ancient world, the oldest accountable daily ritual of bathing can be traced to the ancient Indians where they practiced personal hygiene with three daily baths and washing.
  1. The world’s most expensive shower ever recorded was by a company called Silver Tag costing approximately RM424,757.87!
It may not shower you with money, but it sure is luxurious!

With all the fun facts probably may entice you to shower, but do keep in mind that the recommended shower time (maximum time) is about 5 to 10 minutes which is enough time to cleanse and hydrate the skin without overdoing it.

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