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Bonjour, Malaysians! 🇲🇾 Are you thinking why I began with Bonjour? Perks of watching Emily in Pairs, I guess. The series is possibly the escapist’s ultimate daydream because who gets to move to Paris for a sudden open position, *cough cough*, Social Media executive pulak tu. Don’t get me started on her followers’ growth from 48 followers to 20k followers overnight?  C’est impossible! But hey now, everything starts with a dream. With our realistic tips, you get to recreate ‘You in Paris’ yourself!

Disclaimer: Not promoting the series, but if you haven’t already watched it, you should. 🧐

  1. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Manifesting

Emily had a unique way of thinking. Even when she’s only a YOUNG marketing executive and less experienced, her inventive imagination came up with something incredible. So, imagine how it FEELS to have what you desire RIGHT NOW! Soak in how good it feels to want it, don’t feel discouraged and upset it’s not happened yet, instead feel excited anticipation for this dream to one day manifest in your life.

  1. Make Skincare the Star of Your Beauty Routine

French women understand a glowing healthy skin is essential to their beauty regimen, but it doesn’t have to break the bank to be effective, (Yes Emily, we’re talking about your LED Mask). Sheet masks are an easy addition to your skincare routine since there’s a plethora of options to choose from especially when you grab yours at Malaysia’s No.1 Retail Brand, Watsons Malaysia.

Watsons Fruity Mask works as a physical barrier to help seal in all the ingredients, allowing your skin to bathe in and absorb all the goodness. It’s inclusively packed for every skin type and concern including blemish control, hydration, brightening and firming. If you want to read more on them as we are breaking down each type of Watsons Fruit Mask, be our guest and read it here!

  1. Chic Fashion 101

Nailing the look is tres important! Without Emily’s mishmash of clashing houndstooth, vibrant florals, neon gingham, light-catching sequins, and towering platform heels, ‘Emily in Paris’ would not be the chic fashion-driven series it is today. To dress like Emily Cooper, abandon all the rules you think you know about fashion, and be bold. Mix and match different patterns and layer them on top of each other. The idea is to find either complementary or contrasting colours and prints, and pair them with each other. Then anchor it all together with a solid colour for your bags and shoes. If you feel like people will start staring at you when you leave the house, you’ve accomplished your goal. Fitoussi once said, “You need to be unique, and you need to be yourself. So, play with clothes”.

  1. Be the Main Character of Your Own Life

Now that you’re all dressed up, take some pics, queens, and kings! Use your phone to snap pics throughout the day of pretty things that appeal to you. Who cares if you take too many photos? Live your life to the fullest and use the photos to capture memories, not as a proxy for making them.

That’s all, peeps! At the end of the day, it’s not about you replicating someone’s life, especially if it’s from a fictional character that’s obviously not real, but it’s all about finding real, creative inspirations to leave our ‘Comfort Zone’ and enter our ‘Growth Zone’ era.


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