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The Chinese New Year (also known as Lunar New Year) falls on 22nd January this year and it’s time for us to celebrate the beginning of a new year on the conventional Chinese calendar with healthy meals! On the Eve of Chinese New Year, big families of several generations sit around round tables and enjoy the food and time together during dinner – a family reunion every once a year.

With everyone coming, so many things to do and so little time to prepare for foods, apa macam la? Check out this video of our iconic queen, Amber Chia on Stay Healthy TV episode where she shares how to prepare 5 easy simple and healthy Chinese New Year recipes to cook with no sweat! We will list out the items to get from our January e-Catalogue for your shopping cart:

  1. Wakame Shrimp Soup Noodles
Wakame Shrimp Soup Noodles

For this recipe, the Nutrabliss by Watsons Himalayan Rock Salt Fine not only helps to enrich the flavour from the shrimp soup but at the same time, it is rich with minerals which can improve our general health. And did you know that the longer the noodles maybe – it is unsurprisingly symbolizing a wish for longevity. Their length and unsevered preparation are also symbolic of the eater’s life.

  1. Abalone Tart
Abalone Tart

Looks like this is one of the MUST-HAVE items on the menu during CNY right? Yes, many different recipes but this time it is pretty fast and easy. The Kinohimitsu Abalone Gift Set is like the cherry on top for the tart. But in order to prepare the fillings for the tart, don’t forget to grab your Nutrabliss by Watsons Coconut Oil as it helps to boost immunity and reduce cholesterol. So, by eating the abalone itself, 鲍鱼 (Bàoyú), will bring good fortune and abundance for the rest of the year! Wow! Sounds promising 😊

  1. NH Nutri Grains Plus Ice Cream
NH Nutri Grains Plus Ice Cream

Who would have thought of making our regular supplement drink as an ice cream? This is way too 3023! Surprise your family members by treating them to a healthy way of eating ice cream with no sugar added! 😉

  1. Nian Gao Waffle
Nian Gao Waffle

This is not your ordinary daily waffle. Why? Because, with a special ingredient like Nian Gao, it goes along well for this Lunar New Year where it brings auspicious meaning. It is believed that Nian Gao brings increasing prosperity every year! Topping it with Organic Mixed Dried Fruits simply adds sweetness to life.

  1. Glutinous Rice Balls with Bird’s Nest

Glutinous Rice Balls

We all love something sweet to end a big feast most of the time. With this meaningful Tang Yuan that symbolizes togetherness, having the family reunion at this time can make lasting sweet memories by pairing it with a chilled Bird Nest or serving it warm as how you like it.  

All items mentioned are with a promo for the month which you shouldn’t miss out on. This is the perfect opportunity to pair it with kitchenware as a gift for your family members. These MY Spring Glow Food Processor comes in different colours, just too adorable to not own one!

We hope we’ve got your menu covered for the family reunion this year and May you have a new year filled with luck and delicious dishes!


Healthy & Effortless Snacks for Lunar New Year


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