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We want to give you a thumbs up for your perseverance during this trying times and let’s keep this going to get active, stay healthy and strong even when we are at home.

Let’s get healthy inside and out!

Why not challenge yourself and ajak your kawan-kawan in our #WatsonsAjak challenge. What you need to do is to post a video of yourself doing push ups (as many as you can in 1 minute!), and share some positive vibes on your message caption. Don’t forget to include #watsonsajak #watsonsmalaysia on your social media posting. Fill in the form here and you’ll be in the running to win RM100 Watsons e-cash voucher!

While you prepare yourself for this challenge, Watsons is happy to have our national athletes on board to share some positive vibes too! Fariha Razak (netball), Azlan Mubin (Sepak Takraw) and Jasmine Lai (Diving) all agree that with some simple physical activity at home, it is an effective way to reduce depression and anxiety!

In all honesty lah kan, the fundamental of staying healthy from home is to make sure you are taking good care of yourself, your loved ones and the community surrounding. Just some quick pointers including:

  • A healthier diet including serving your body with multivitamins and also consuming the right protein for your muscles
  • Keeping your physical strength where it is needed by having stronger body joints
  • Personal hygiene is most important especially on daily basis so we can quickly achieve the herd immunity we are yearning for
  • And lastly, don’t exclude some grooming rituals for looking good and feel great!

Lets’ start today because our body and mind deserve the love they need, so we are going to ajak you to get up and keep it going gais!

Stand a chance to win prizes UP TO RM10,000!*

On top of that, inspired to share your favourite Hearty Breakfast ? 😁 Why not join Nutrabliss Cook & Win Hearty Breakfast Contest and stand a chance to win fabulous prizes up to RM 10,000!* 😘

How to Join? 🤔

1. Upload your own healthy breakfast with Nutrabliss range video to your Facebook and set post and profile as public.

2. Include these hashtags: #WatsonsMalaysia #NutrablissbyWatsons #NutrablissHealthyBreakfast

3. Submit your entry link here! 👉

Hurry up, contest ends 31 July 2021! 👉


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