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We cannot deny the love for eating food when it is desirable can sometimes lead to discomfort to yourself, not knowing the habit of overeating or eating too quickly can lead to indigestion.

Healthy digestion means healthy body!

And as we age and so does our body, you have to realise that many bodily functions will slow down, including our digestive tract which might not work as efficiently as before. So we are leaving you with FIVE key steps so that you can improve in this area and give our tummy some good love.

  1. Have fiber, your fuel for a healthy colon.
Make fiber as part of your diet to aid digestion!

Fiber helps to keep the digestive tract flowing and keeps your bowel movements soft and regular.

  1. Avoid food that triggers heartburn and indigestion.
Skip dairy or spicy food if you are prone to have stomach discomfort.

Dairy or spicy food may cause the worst stomach problem, try eliminating it if it triggers stomach discomfort.

  1. Keep Active
Staying indoors is not an excuse to stay healthy!

Exercise and physical activity help prevent constipation. For instance, try to take a 30-minute walk during the day by taking the staircase instead of the lift. Or if walking is not your thing, opt for some indoor cardio to sweat!

  1. Check your medication.
Visit Watsons Pharmacy Stores to learn more about health advices from our friendly pharmacists and health officers!

Some over-the- counter medicine and drugs can cause digestive problems such as diarrhea. Make sure you consult your doctor or the pharmacist at the counter to get better advice, let’s not assume with medicines as it may vary for every individual.

  1. Consider supplements.
Consider talking to your physician on taking supplements to aid your digestion.

Probiotic supplements contain good bacteria, which is beneficial to gut health. Supplements which consist of digestive enzymes as it aids the body’s natural digestive process.

If you are wondering what to look out for when visiting our store the next round, you can opt for the following products which could be your best bud!

  1. Nutrabliss Rolled Oat is natural and vegan, good in helping to lower or reduce your cholesterol. And the amount recommended for cholesterol lowering effect is 3G/Day.
  2. Bio-Life AB Adult Gold Pre & Pro is a 3-in-1 formulation that has both prebiotics and probiotics, widely known as synbiotic. This could help to boost gut health, improve bowel movement, and improve nutrient absorption.
  3. Blackmores Digestive Enzyme Plus provides dual action to aid the body’s natural digestive processes. It contains digestive enzymes to support digestion of lactose, plant fiber, protein, fats and carbohydrates in combination with the herbal extract of ginger traditionally used to promote digestive health.

Let us not wait when your stomach gets upset further, and start to take care of the body system and digestion well. A happy tummy leads to a happier life!


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