Fight back with the miracle of bird’s nest


Bird’s nest has been consumed for over 400 years. Its restorative and nutritive properties are well-known to help promote glowing health, general wellbeing, and to improve our body’s immune system.


Now, with NUTOX Oxyfusion, our skin too, can benefit from the restorative and nutritive properties of bird’s nest. Regular use of NUTOX Oxyfusion will help restore our skin’s youthful appearance.


- Promotes skin collagen regeneration for young and healthy skin


- More refined skin texture


- Fairer, more luminous skin


- Optimum skin hydration


- Fades away freckles, age spots and marks


- Helps slow premature ageing




Oxygen Therapy – the first and only effective way to deliver bird’s nest benefits directly to our skin


Oxygen Therapy creates an oxygenating environment to enable the delivery of precious active ingredients of bird’s nest deep into our skin.  And only NUTOX Oxyfusion with Oxygen Therapy is the first and only bird’s nest skincare that is capable of channelling the benefits of bird’s nest into our skin, to restore our skin’s youthfulness.




NUTOX BNest Trinity (Anti-ageing, firming, lifting)


NUTOX BNest Trinity is a series that promotes youthful, firm and lifted skin. With BNest Trinity, the 3 new revolutionary ingredients of CovaLift, AquaWhite and Snow Hyaluronic penetrate deep into skin (via our proprietary Oxyfusion Therapy) for instant hydration, superior whitening and lifting results you can see. A 3-way action for a more beautiful and younger you.




NUTOX BNest Hydrarefiner (Anti-ageing, hydrating, pore minimising)


This is the first bird’s nest skincare that promotes youthful skin and pore refining through hydration. Experience up to 24-hour hydration that promotes visible pore refining that’s proven to be 54% more effective*. NUTOX BNest Hydrarefiner state-of-the-art formulation contains two powerful ingredients: β-MoistXS, an innovative source of hydration that’s ultra light and bio-based; and Porisealle, an advanced toning ingredient that visibly tightens pores, improves skin tone and firms the skin without drying it out.


*compared to popular astringents that are currently available

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