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Make-up is a basic etiquette nowadays. But, do you have a certain understanding on how to makeup? And are your makeup steps and methods correct? Sometimes, you may even wonder why other girls look much prettier with makeup than you. Maybe it is not related to the problems of your skills, you can do better if you can pay attention on the small details.  Let’s take a look on the seven makeup newbies’ precautions.

  1. Enough lighting

If you are in an area with poor lighting, it will easily make you feel that your makeup is not strong enough, and then you will apply extra products unconsciously. But, after you go out, it is difficult to remedy.

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  1. Light comes from the front

The best lighting should be come from the front. If it comes from behind, it will be covered by your hair and can’t be seen clearly. While it is easier to know the state of your skin in daylight, it is best to open the curtains to let the sun shine in, but if it is not possible, use white light which is close to daylight! Because yellow light will cause colour difference, it will be far from the real effect on the street.

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  1. Keep your hands clean

If you want to use your finger to apply makeup, be sure to wash your hands first, or disinfect with a wet tissue, otherwise it will easily lead to sensitive skin.

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  1. Clean makeup tools regularly

Make-up cotton and make-up brushes are some tools that are easy to breed bacteria. It is easy to damage your skin. So, remember to clean your makeup tools every time after using.

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  1. Apply concealer after liquid foundation

Every girl says she knows makeup, but many girls don’t know the correct makeup steps. The correct procedure is to use the foundation first, in order to determine how much concealer to use in response to the thickness of the foundation! And the process of applying the foundation will remove some of the concealer, so it is best to apply the foundation first and then focus on concealer in the next step.

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  1. Find your own foundation colour

Choose the foundation colour that suits you. Always pay attention to your skin condition, whether it is tanned or whiten, to avoid chromatic aberration.

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  1. Match your eye and lip makeup

The combination of eyes and lip makeup is an esoteric learning. For beginners, same colour tone should be chosen, which makes the whole makeup look harmonious and natural!

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