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MY Bag

Packing for a year end travel? Setting off on a journey feels like stepping into a whirlwind of fun, but let’s admit it, keeping all our travel stuff organized can be a bit of a wild ride! That’s where the travel organizer swoops in like a superhero! This little champ is your sidekick, always there to hold onto your passports, boarding passes, and that wad of international cash, so you can wander freely without frantically searching for your documents every few minutes.

Imagine this: in the middle of bustling airports or amidst the buzz of exploring new places, this organizer becomes your magical bag of wonders – the LINE Brown and Friends series are here to the rescue. Putting aside the irresistibly cute bear prints but knowing that it is an exclusive edition, some things are just meant to be ours.

LINE Friends Mini Power Bank

One most important and handy thing that always come to mind when traveling is, The Mini Power Bank (RM39.90)* which is an indispensable travel companion offering numerous benefits. Its compact size ensures portability, fitting snugly into pockets or bags, providing on-the-go charging for smartphones, cameras, or other gadgets, eliminating the fear of running out of battery while exploring. Its high capacity enables multiple device charges, serving as a reliable backup during long journeys or in areas lacking accessible power outlets. This portable powerhouse offers peace of mind, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and convenience, making it a must-have for travelers reliant on their devices. Imagine at the immigration counter with a dead mobile phone. Definitely this Mini Power Bank from Line Brown and Friend Series is one to grab.

Oh, for a long-haul flight, we would be sleeping at least 4-6hours on board and boy, how can we live by waking up with a bad breath? The Sonic Electric Toothbrush (RM69.40)* is a traveler’s oral health savior, boasting portability and compactness. Its travel case ensures hygiene on-the-go, while extended battery life accommodates multiple uses sans frequent charging. With superior cleaning power, it guarantees a thorough clean, simplifying oral care and ensuring a confident smile during travels.

LINE Friends Travel Adapter

So, did we mention all-electronic device yet? Yes, the Line Friends Travel Adapter (RM36.40)* is definitely making into the “travel essential items” list. Enabling compatibility with various power outlets worldwide, ensuring devices can be charged hassle-free, making it indispensable for globetrotters to stay connected anywhere. This could save some bucks during the travels for sure!

LINE Friends Portable Mini Fan

What else? There are also LINE Friends LED Mirror (RM29.40)*, Mini Portable Fan (RM31.50)*, Beach Towel and Waterproof Phone Pouch Set (RM49.00)*, Water bottles with 2D Stickers (RM23.10-RM29.40) and Umbrella 19 inch (RM39.90)*. All these Purchase with Purchase 30% off promotion, any 2 extra 5% off!*

LINE Friends Beach Towel + Waterproof Phone Pouch Set

So, while you’re out there painting your travel canvas with new experiences, these little hero LINE Brown and Friends are your secret helper, making sure your adventure stays smooth and stress-free! Grab one now, while stock last!

*Terms and conditions apply. While stocks last.


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