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Cherry Berry

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Dark Choco

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Green Tea

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Whole Grains

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Inner Beauty – Bbear Bbear


- Available in different flavors: Dark Chocolate, Whole Grain, Cherry Berry, Green Tea

- Designed and developed with a balanced mix of various dietary nutrients such as protein, fibers,

vitamins & minerals. BBAER BBAER is here to replace your daily meal with reduced calories and

balanced nutrients

- Base ingredients include both vegetable and animal-based proteins and brown rice powder, allowing

steady consumption for healthier weight loss

- Contains 5 variants of enzymes to enhance digestive system

- Calorie intake: up to 290kcal (including milk)

- Recommended dietary plans

    ▪ Weight loss: Replace two meals from your day with BBAER BBAER while keeping 1 regular

meal with balanced nutrients

   ▪ Maintain figure/weight: Replace one meal from your day with BBAER BBAER while keeping 2

regular meals with balanced nutrient

▪ Increase weight/bulk up: Maintain your 3 meals per day with a good balanced mix of nutrients

and consume an additional BBAE BBAER as a snack between 1~3 pack(s)