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Pre-Sport High Performance Range

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Post-Sport Fast Recovery Range

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Proviton STR provides the complete solution to your workouts. It is uniquely formulated in a Pre and Post formats to ensure high performance and faster recovery for your ultimate optimum workout performance. Proviton STR Pre-Sport is an effervescent pre-workout drink that is your key workout buddy. Our scientists aimed to make Proviton STR as comprehensive as possible by specially designing its formulation to contain high doses of Vitamins B and C, vital amino acids, as well as minerals like calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Proviton STR Post-sport rehydrates, revitalizes and replenishes the body with fluids and electrolytes lost after a good workout session. Essential vitamins replenish your energy to ensure faster recovery and maximise your day without feeling drained. Comes in Original, Mango, and Tropical Fruits flavours.