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Capsules With Selenium 100S

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Capsules With Selenium 30S

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Shield Caplets 100S

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Discover your products

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At Pharmaton, our story revolves around a simple yet powerful idea: enabling individuals to embrace life to the fullest. We understand that modern lifestyles can be demanding and challenging, often leaving people feeling drained and depleted. That's where Pharmaton comes in. With a rich heritage in pharmaceutical expertise, Pharmaton is dedicated to developing innovative health solutions that help people unlock their true potential. We are committed to combining scientific research, cutting-edge technology, and high-quality ingredients to create products that nourish and revitalize the body and mind.

            Pharmaton® Capsules with Selenium contain a balanced combination of G115 concentrated Ginseng Extract, 18 vitamins and minerals, making it the ideal choice to enhance immunity and maintain overall mental and physical performance. With the inclusion of Panax Ginseng G115, these capsules also offer the added benefit of modulating cognitive function and mood. By incorporating Pharmaton® Capsules into your routine, you can nourish your body, support your immune system, and experience improved cognitive function and mood.

            Pharmaton® Shield Capsule is enriched with Vitamin C and Zinc encapsulated in a gelatin capsule, offering antioxidant effects and immune system support tailored for adults. By taking this multivitamin, you can elevate your immune system, and enjoy improved overall well-being.