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MY Bag
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Toner Range

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Serum Range

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Toner Pad

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“What are the real skin concerns of customers?” Our brand started with this question. 

We realized after much thought, the answer is only YOU. 

You must have wandered through numerous cosmetics every day with different skin concerns. 

NUMBUZIN was born to find the clear skin solution with you. 


NUMBUZIN ’s formula for the answer is very clear. 

‘listen to your concerns’ 

We do not spare ingredients to make perfect products that are close to the answer to your skin concerns. 

Improve the things that customers do not like and enhance those that customers do like. 


We focus on the basics. 

You no longer try to fit your skin in those famous and expensive products. 


NUMBUZIN strives to become a real skincare solution by finding genuine and exellent ingredients to solve your skin problems. 

Our formula will be repeated endlessly until the day you all find the answer to your skin.