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Anti-Aging Series

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Wash-Off Masks

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“Optimising your skin with CLean and EFfective solutions.”


At CLEF, we don’t want to treat skin issues— we want to improve your skin in the most optimal way. We want results that aren’t only fast, but also safe and long-lasting. We want to provide solutions that go beyond addressing your skin’s true concerns.


That’s not all: We believe there are better ways to become better, so we wield an innovative ethos to develop cutting-edge solutions that advance your skin to its best potential.


To achieve that, we source only high-quality ingredients that are indiscriminately friendly to the relevant skin types, excluding any harmful, unsafe ingredients in our formulations. We also ensure all products are accommodative to our high-humidity weather for maximum suitability.


Let’s get your skin optimised and say hello to a better you!