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Intensive Therapy

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Daily Essential

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Ceradan® - The Skin Barrier Expert Recommended by Dermatologists


Dry, sensitive and irritated skin arises due to a dysfunctional skin barrier, leading to further exacerbation and worsening conditions which can be very stressful for you to manage. Ceradan®  – a ceramide-dominant skincare brand that is single-minded about rebuilding and restoration of the skin’s protective barrier offers the best skincare solution to sooth dry, sensitive and irritated skin types.

Ceradan®  is scientifically formulated with ceramide-dominant essential lipids in a 3:1:1 ratio of ceramide, cholesterol and free fatty acids. This unique ratio is clinically proven to provide the optimal ratio of skin lipids to rebuild and restore the skin’s protective barrier. 

Today, the brand has grown to offer a range of products including intensive treatment and daily moisturisers, wash and cleanser, anti-itch soothing treatment, hand lotion sanitiser and diaper cream .

Ceradan® is recognised as the #1 Top-of-Mind Moisturiser Brand by private dermatologists in Singapore.*


Reference: * IQVIA HCP Recommendation Tracking for Moisturiser 2018