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Calcium + Vitamin D Range

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Calcium + Vitamin D & Mineral Range 

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Caltrate is a health supplement to support bone health.

Who may suffer from weak bones?

A person suffering from weak bones may not know it until severe problems such as bone fractures begin to occur. Common risk factors to weak bones include low calcium and low vitamin D diet, smoking, sedentary lifestyles and postmenopausal woman. Both men and women are susceptible to weak bones hence it is important to include calcium as part of your healthy diet.

Maintaining good bone health

Some bone thinning is normal as we get older, however excess bone loss is influenced by lifestyle as well as genetic factors. We can’t change our genes but we can reassess dietary and lifestyle choices such as:
• Ensuring adequate calcium in your diet.
• Increasing the level of weight bearing exercise.
• Limiting cigarette and alcohol use.

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