Bourjois was born on the great boulevards of Paris in the theatre district. The actor Joseph-Albert Ponsin was the company's first creator; he created makeup and perfumes for actors and actresses in the comfort of his own home. 


Since 1863, BOURJOIS is the brand of Parisian women and of all women for whom beauty is synonymous with freedom, style and expression.


As one of the oldest French manufacturers of cosmetic products, BOURJOIS has offered playful, accessible, and creative makeup, whilst displaying its personality: a Parisian friend loved by all. 


BOURJOIS has established itself as a master of makeup innovation and a colour expert: unique concepts, a palette of incredible colours, an explosion of effects, and sensual textures make up the signature of these ‘’made in Paris’’ products.


BOURJOIS today remains synonymous with femininity and playfulness... The secret behind its longevity is constant reinvention whilst remaining true to its value of quality and creativity.