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MY Bag
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For Baby

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For Children

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For Adult

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Strong Cooling Sensation

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BYE-BYE FEVER Stay cool, stay calm, stay well-rested with ByeBye-FEVER patches for the whole family! It's the perfect overnight cooling relief, thanks to its 8-10 hours lasting power, and stronger-than-ever adhesion.

There's a perfect ByeBye-FEVER for every member of the family!

When dad needs to ease the stress from long hours of driving, he can use ByeBye-FEVER Super Cool to refresh himself, and stay focused on the road.

When mum feels a throbbing headache coming on, she can turn to ByeBye-FEVER for Adults to provide an instant, lasting relief.

Is the baby suffering from a sudden fever? Fear not! Apply the ByeBye-FEVER Baby patch on his/her forehead for a soothing effect that will last all through the night.