Established in Taiwan, Against24 positions itself as an anti-bacterial brand expert, producing a range of bathing wash products including the best-selling Rubber Duck and Power Panda bath series, which are top-sellers in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. Available in the series are shampoo, baby bathing, body wash and hand wash. The alcohol, preservatives and soap-free products provides optimum anti-bacterial protection from head to toe for the whole family. Against24 series is formulated by the patented SDC Ag+ technology, the best anti-bacterial agent in the market, a safe but strong anti-bacterial. Experiments confirmed Ag+ defends major pathogens in 30 seconds, with an anti-bacterial rate up to 99.999%. Certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Taiwan, the harmless anti-bacterial formula, is mild and gentle to the skin and extends to the surface of anti-bacterial protection of up to 24 hours after use. SDC Ag+ has been certified that it may control Avian influenza A-H1N1 bacteria in 30 seconds, effectively protecting you and your family.