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Avene Thermal Spring Water

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Daily Essential Care

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Hypersensitive Skin

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Sun Protection

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Cicalfate Skin Repair

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Bright Intense

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It all began in 1736...


The therapeutic use of Avène Thermal Spring Water goes back a long way, and for more than 250 years, Avène Thermal Spring Water has been recognised for its soothing and softening properties on Sensitive Skin.


The curative powers of the water were discovered by chance when a horse afflicted with severe skin rashes was cured after drinking and bathing in the water. The fame water from Avène spread far beyond the borders of France: Avène Thermal Spring Water was successfully used in treatment of severe burns after the Great Fire of Chicago in 1871. This healing power comes from Avène-les Bains (The Avène Baths) thermal spring water in southern France, which has been declared to be of public benefit in dermatology since 1874.


Avène Thermal Spring Water takes in vital minerals and trace elements as it filters through the rocks of the River Orb Valley. After a subterranean journey lasting over 40 years, the water emerges at the spring, rich in soothing and softening properties. Its well-established properties, acknowledged by numerous dermatological studies, make Avène Thermal Spring Water the ideal care for sensitive skin.


Launched in 1990 the Eau Thermale Avène skincare brand was created to capture these same healing benefits to soothe sensitive skins worldwide. Avène is widely recognized as #1 in French pharmacies among dermo-cosmetic skincare brands and also the most recommended by dermatologists and pharmacists worldwide.