In the 1860’s, nearly half of all surgery patients died from post-surgery infection. Dr. Joseph Lister, now hailed as the “Father of Modern Antisepsis,” championed the use of antiseptics and sterile surgery, drastically reducing mortality rates. In 1879, Dr. Joseph Lawrence and Jordan Lambert developed a remarkable new antiseptic using four essential oils: MENTHOL, THYMOL, METHYL SALICYLATE AND EUCOLYPTOL in precise measure, which they named, “LISTERINE®,” in honor of Dr. Lister. 


Immediately, LISTERINE® Brand earned the trust of doctors, dentist and hygienists for its ability to kill harmful germs, including the germs that cause bad breath. In nearly every decade of its history scientists continued to uncover new benefits of the tried and tested formula. They discovered that LISTERINE® also killed germs that caused plaque and gingivitis, making the brand much more than a bad breath remedy, helping to improve the oral health of millions of consumers worldwide.


Today, LISTERINE® brand is the leading oral care rinse in the world and the #1 OTC Brand recommended by dental professionals. It is also the only brand of mouthwash to use those four essential oils. 133 years after its conception, LISTERINE® brand continues to pioneer new ways to improve oral health and the lives of consumers. 


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