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Brand Story

BRAND’S is a trusted name in households across Malaysia for producing premium quality health supplements and its flagship product, BRAND’S Essence of Chicken, is the category leader across Asia with more than 150 million bottles sold last year. 

Operating across seven major markets namely, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and China, BRAND’S is the market leader in Asia with over 80 per cent market share. 
The BRAND’S story began nearly 180 years ago in 1835 with Mr. William Henderson Brand, a chef to the British royal family in Buckingham Palace. Concerned for the failing health of his King, Mr. Brand decided to improve on the age-old chicken soup remedy by creating a fat-free, easily digested chicken consomme. Upon his retirement, the secret recipe became a huge commercial success known widely ever since as BRAND’S Essence of Chicken. 
BRAND’S market leadership and quality is a result of the strong commitment and effort by the company to provide its consumers with the highest quality and safety standards.  BRAND’S is the only essence of chicken in the market backed by science. Over the past 20 years, 26 clinical studies have been conducted in over 10 universities in UK, Japan and  Malaysia, all of which confirms the multiple benefits of consuming BRAND’S Essence of Chicken regularly. The most recent findings have shown that BRAND'S contains active peptides that optimises the brain's performance hence leading to improved memory and concentration levels when consumed daily, making BRAND’S Essence of Chicken the ideal natural food supplement for students and working adults who need the added boost to help them push their boundaries further.  The company continues to invest in R&D to bring new product innovations even as it continuously seek to improve its key product, with BRAND’S Essence of Chicken offered in a variety of herbal infusions and even a special formulation for juniors. 
In the 90s, BRAND’S has also expanded into the beauty drink category which brings natural fruit essences and collagen to women consumers under its popular InnerShine range. The premium fruit essence range caters to different beauty needs in a natural and safe product, which includes the newly launched InnerShine Prune Essence plus Camu Camu.  Millions of dollars have also been invested behind the development of the InnerShine range to ensure product safety and efficacy to bring out the inner glow of health. In May 2013, InnerShine RubyCollagen Essence won the highest accolade at the prestigious global Monde Selection Award when it received the Grand Gold Quality Award.
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