Watsons Move Your Body Zumba 2016 FAQ


Q: How can I get my MYB tickets if purchase ONLINE via Click & Collect / Home Delivery?

A: NO physical ticket will be sent out if purchase online. However, participants need to register by filling up the e-form using online purchase order number / receipt number.
Collection for ONLINE MYB ticket purchase will be on 20-21 Oct 2016, 10am to 10pm at Watsons Sunway Pyramid


Q: What if I receive an SMS / eMail to collect MYB ticket after my ONLINE purchase?

A: Please do not collect the MYB tickets as collection period will be on 20-21 Oct 2016, 10am to 10pm at Watsons Sunway Pyramid.


Q: Will the tickets be home delivered to me?

A: No. Please collect during Zumba Pack Collection period on 20-21 Oct 2016, 10am to 10pm at Watsons Sunway Pyramid.


Q) Where, When & What time is Watsons Move Your Body Zumba 2016?

A) The event will be held at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach on 22 October 2016. Doors will open from 6pm onwards. The event will commence until 11pm.


Q) Do you have age limit for this event?

A) There is no age limit to this event. Everyone is welcome from all ages. Children below 12 years are advice to be under parental or adult supervision at all times.


Q) How can I participate in Watsons Move Your Body Zumba 2016?

A) Ticket entry is RM59 (including 6%GST) and participant will receive a Zumba pack. The ticket is available to purchase at all Watsons store in Klang Valley and Seremban or purchase Online at www.watsons.com.my/moveyourbody .


Q) What do participant receive in the Zumba pack?

A) Participant will receive the following:

• Medal

• Brooks Branded Zumba T-Shirt

• Glow Party Pack

• RM10 Watsons Cash Voucher

• Numbered BIB

• Drawstring Bag


Q) Can I bring along my friend / my kids?


A) Yes you can. Each entry will be RM59.


Q) Will I get discount for purchasing more than 1 ticket?

No, there will be no discount when purchasing more than 1 ticket. Alternatively, you can get 20% discount when purchasing products from Watsons Move Your Body 2016 participating brands.


Q) Which are the participating brands that entitle me for 20% discount?

A) The following are participating brands for Watsons Move Your Body Zumba 2016:

• Alcon

• Appeton

• Baush & Lomb

• Berocca

• Blackmores

• Brand’s

• Cebion

• Cetaphil

• Champs

• Ebene

• Esentiale

• Flavattes

• Gaviscon

• Horleys

• Kinohimitsu

• Kordel’s

• Naturalle

• NH Detoxlim

• Pharmaton

• Proviton

• Redoxon

• Salonpas

• Sanctband

• Scholl

• Scott’s

• Total Image

• All Watsons brand



Q) Where and when can I collect my Zumba pack?

A) Zumba pack collection will be held at Watsons store (LG2) in Sunway Pyramid. The date and time of collection are as follows:

20 & 21 October – 10am – 10pm

22 October – 10am – 6pm


Q) How do I register for my branded Zumba t-shirt?

A) Once purchasing ticket, please register your details Online at http://www.watsons.com.my/moveyourbody  and register your T-shirt size by 23 September 2016. The registration of T-shirt size is mandatory.


Q) When can I use the RM10 Watsons Cash Voucher? Are there any conditions to the cash voucher?

A) You can use the voucher from now till 30 November 2016 and there is no purchase condition required. The cash voucher is valid for purchase at Watsons store only.


Q) What should I wear & bring along on the event day?

A) Please wear the Watsons Zumba T-shirt provided during the collection and comfortable sporty attire. Do not forget to bring along your ticket for lucky draw entitlement.


Q) What can I expect on the event day?

A) You can experience the biggest Zumba party on the beach in Malaysia featuring international Zumba Education Specialists and top Malaysian DJs. The event will also hyped by Hitz FM radio announcers Ean and Arnold.


Q) Who are the Zumba Education Specialists?

A) They are David Velez from Colombia and Michael Thomas from Australia.


Q) Who are the Malaysian DJs who will be spinning at Watsons Move Your Body Zumba 2016?

A) The DJs line up are:

• Jakeman & Skeletor

• H3

• Leng Yein

• Chukiess & Whackboi


Q) What if I don’t know how to dance Zumba?

A) You don’t have to worry as the Zumba Education Specialists and the team will be guiding all participants. Sufficient projected screen will assist all participants to follow the Zumba routine.


Q) What are other activities beside Zumba?

A) Besides Zumba, participants can enjoy the glow in the night theme party and dance all night with music spin by top DJs. There will also be lucky draw of prizes, fun activities, free gifts and samplings from Watsons participating brands.


Q) How do I participate to win the attractive lucky draw prizes?

A) Please bring your ticket to event day and tear the lucky draw slip from your ticket to the lucky draw box which will be place at the entrance to Sunway Lagoon.


Q) Can I visit the theme parks which are available at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach?

A) No. All theme parks at Sunway Lagoon will be closed after 6pm.


Q) Will there be food & drinks available for purchase at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach?

A) Yes, the food & beverage outlets at Sunway Lagoon will be operating until 10pm.


Q) How many tickets can I purchase to get 20% discount when buying participating brands product?

A) You can purchase up to 5 tickets to receive the 20% discount, the 6th ticket will have to be purchase at normal price.


Q) What if I buy more than 2 products from participating brands, how many tickets can I purchase to get 20% discount?

A) If you purchase 2 products from participating brands, you can buy up to 10 tickets with 20% discount.


Refer to below table:

No of Product Purchase from Participating Brands No of Ticket(s) Purchase with 20% Discount
1 1 – 5 tickets
2 6 – 10 tickets
3 11 – 15 tickets
4 16 – 20 tickets
5 21 – 25 tickets

*For every product purchase, extra 5 tickets can be purchase at discounted 20%.