Do you love food? We all do. Living in Malaysia, there are a wide variety of food ranging from nasi lemak to satay, curry laksa, fried koay teow, nasi ayam berempah & more.


How to slim down when you love to eat?

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Cabloc’s 5 key ingredients are specially formulated to promote effective weight loss with a well-balanced diet. With Cabloc, you have your meal and snacks in between and still look your best!




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Raspberry ketone is used to prevent breakdown of carbohydrates in our digestive system. Also, with the white kidney bean extract, it helps to reduce the carbohydrate absorption that causes weight gain.



Cabloc also contains green coffee bean extract that hinders fat accumulation and absorption into our body while boosting glucose and fat metabolism rate in our liver.



When you crave for desserts, the gymnema leaves extract in Cabloc suppresses the activation of sugar molecules in our taste buds. This delays the glucose absorption to avoid excess storage as fats.



The Pricky Pear Cactus Stem extract found in Cablos is highly nutritional in minerals and vitamins to keep our diet balanced.