Why Scholl is unique

Experts in foot health and comfort since 1904

Scholl. A name recognised by most people who care about their feet. A name synonymous today with feet and footcare in over 70 countries worldwide.

But did you know the Scholl brand was named after the company’s founder, Dr William Mathias Scholl? It would be fair to say that Dr Scholl was single-minded when it came to feet, dedicating his life to improving the health, comfort and well-being of people through their feet.

It was this dedication and drive that has provided an enduring legacy that is as vital today as it was when he founded the company a century ago.


Our history

The medical and scientific specialists who make up today’s Scholl team continue to share Dr Scholl’s passion for understanding the structure and biomechanics of the foot in relation to the whole body. They take inspiration from his insight and remain dedicated to identifying problems, seeking solutions and developing innovative products, which stay true to William’s original philosophy.

“The feet provide the foundation for the rest of the body.” Dr William M Scholl


Our valuable heritage

For over 100 years, Scholl has been responsible for key advances, innovation and invention in the area of foot health, comfort and well being. And like Dr Scholl, we will continue to research and develop new ways to help improve footcare, foot comfort and foot biomechanics.


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