Gemini Beauty Resources (GBR) was incorporated in 2005, thus creating their first Vaginal Health Care Product – KITSUI (Tablet).  GBR and its group of dedicated Nutritionist / Herbalist have researched & developed herbal base product for  KITSUI since 2004. In the June of 2007 the final product of - KITSUI was finally introduced to the WORLD.  GBR emphasis in using the highest quality of raw material from all over the world to produce the HIGHEST GRADE of herbal product.


The other clinically tested products parked under the KITSUI umbrella are vagina lightening / tightening cream, breast enlargement cream, nipple lightening cream, reducing pore serum, dead skin exfoliating gel, buttocks lifting & firming cream. For the man we have developed the penis enlargement oil, BPH - prostate solution. The latest we have launches are the Ready To Drink Series; RTD Marine Collagen with Honey, RTD Buxz-Up Breast Enhancing, RTD EATLESS Appitite Suppressent.


Rest assured, we have done legwork for you, so you don't have to spend the hours of frustrating searching for the truth, not to mention the hundreds of dollars on products that have no effect.  Our ranges of products are made of 100% natural herbs and nothing artificial, which will not cause any side effect but just showing the guaranteed safe and effective results.  Moreover, all the products are also manufactured by our factory which complies with Good Manufacturing practice (GMP) standards. Our mission is to provide man & women of the world with a solution for a healthier and happier life.



We understand that majority of the women population in the world have “Unspeakable Secrets”, these women are facing humiliating vaginal health related problems and dare not consult anyone; not even the closest partners, for example the experience of loose feeling and vaginal dryness, some other common problems for female like menstrual ache, white discharge, stench (unpleasant smell), postnatal disorder, pre/post menopause disorder, sagging  breast, uneven nipple tone, dark/dull vagina,  and so on….



Problems that men are normally facing, is BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), this problem comes with the natural aging process of the human male species. In some cases,  prostate enlargement begins as young as the age of 30  and more then half of the man ages 60 and above have BPH. Statistic show 7 out of 10 men will face this problem. Prostate enlargement will be the cause of urinary problems, pain/ache/discomfort, sexual problems, fertility problems, psychological problems, urine smells strong or bad, semen volume low and so on…. these problems have actually affected men’s sex lives and even their normal lives, but no one will voice out.



CHOICE  -  KITSUI aims to offer you the most guaranteed safe and effective sexual wellbeing products, backed up by the best advise and information.  Sexual wellbeing products is what we’ve always done better than anyone else.


TRUSTED  -  KITSUI is the most trusted name in manufacturing sexual wellbeing products  with a proven track for over 4 years ago.  Our products are scientifically formulated from our group of pharmacist, nutritionist  and bio-chemist.  We can reassure you  that all our products meets all known international quality standards. 


ASSUARANCE -  KITSUI guarantees that every product at the retails outlet and this website  is truthfully described so that you can make safe and accurate decisions that is right for you because we  develop all our products with stringent standards.


GREAT SEX – KITSUI enables you to achieve the winning performance you need in satisfying your sexual wellbeing.

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