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Brand Story

NIVEA MEN, The World's No. 1 Men's Care Brand*, is the first skin care brand to be engineered specially for men. The science behind NIVEA FOR MEN's targeted skincare products evolved from extensive development and research at NIVEA's technology facility in Germany.


NIVEA MEN understands the specifics of men's skin by offering a technologically advanced skincare line with effective nature-inspired and skin friendly ingredients to help men look and feel their very best.

NIVEA MEN has always been exploring new beauty and grooming territories. For years we’ve really pushed the envelope for new and revolutionary products. Just like the men we appeal to, we’re adventurers who always try to cover new ground. Understanding men’s needs and desires has helped us to stay on the pulse of popular culture and that’s how we continue to provide innovative products men really enjoy. 


This ongoing quest has helped NIVEA MEN provide a broad range of male grooming products that cover every guy’s wishes and give him the right tools to be the men they want to be.  It all kicked off in 1922 when the first men’s product, a shaving cream, was launched, revolutionizing how men take care of themselves. In the 80’s (the decade with bad hairstyles and bad TV shows like Magnum and the A-Team), NIVEA MEN added loads more products to meet men’s increasing demands for more holistic grooming rituals. For example, the launch of an After Shave Balm was revolutionary caring for men’s sensitive skin after a harsh shave. True Innovation. That’s what the brand has and continues to be about. And because NIVEA MEN has been able to make men feel good from head to toe with the multitude of products we offer, combined with our vast experience in skincare, no other brand has been able to jump on the bandwagon and match us.


NIVEA MEN have been a true partner and trusted wingman accompanying men on their journey since 1922 and will continue to do so now and into the future.

NIVEA MEN. It starts with you.

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