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Lux was first introduced as toilet soap in 1925. Produced by Lever Brothers, it arrived in the UK in 1928, carrying the promise of France cherished secret to smooth skin, aspirational yet accessible. Even back in the days of its launch, Lux has always believed in star strategy claiming to be Hollywood Favourite Beauty Care.


Lux simply believes that behaving beautiful is a way of presenting your best face to the world and maximizing what you’ve got. It is a conscious choice to be beautiful and take pleasure in using your beauty. Lux makes it possible for every woman to be beautiful in many gratifying ways.


In the 1950s, Lux arrived in Malaysia bringing with it a long string of global stars like Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra, Rachel Weiz to local Lux stars like Amy Mastura, Sheila Majid, Fauziah Latiff, and Erra Fazira. Lux soap colours and packaging were altered several times to reflect fashion trends. In 1958 five colours made up the range: pink, white, blue, green and yellow.


For 2011, the entire Lux range will be re-launch in Malaysia to bring in new technology and new packaging. The Lux range will consist of Soft Touch, Velvet Touch, Magical Spell, Secret Bliss, White Impress and Wake Me Up. In 2011, Lux has also been proclaimed as the number one soap brand in Asia..



Noticeable softness that can't help attracting glances of admiration

Enjoy the sensation of clean, moisturized and radiant skin with Lux Soft Touch and Lux Velvet Touch. Enriched with the exclusive Silk Protein Extract, a moisturizing ingredient known for helping to hold the moisture in the skin, it forms a light creamy layer on skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and moisturised. 



Be enchanting without uttering a single word.

A finely fragranced body wash infused with renowned designer Anne Gottlieb perfume. This scent is inspired by exotiv blossoms at the peak of their bloom and embraced into exquisite Fragrance PearlsTM, giving you an intoxicating scent that lingers long after you step out of the shower. 



Make the first impressions the ones that last

For beautiful whitening in a body wash. With its triple action system, it helps to create an overall white radiant look.



With a touch of cooling menthol for refreshed, beautiful skin

With cooling menthol, mineral salts and seaweed, is your best-kept skin secret, taking it from dull and tired to beautiful and fresh-looking skin

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