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Brand Story

Lifebuoy, the world's no.1 germ protection soap, was first launched in 1894 to support people in their quest for better personal hygiene. Lifebuoy has been consistently championing health through hygiene throughout its 110 year history. A 1930's campaign in the US was titled "Clean Hands Help Guard Health", encouraging the use of Lifebuoy soap to kill germs on hands that can cause health issues. A similar campaign continues today, with Lifebuoy hygiene education programmes ongoing in countries including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Vietnam.


Lifebuoy's pure anti-bacterial soap with excellent skin cleaning and cleansing properties is suitable and recommended for the whole family protection. With Lifebuoy's anti-bacterial soap your family is given the extra protection, feel the security and face day to day life full of confidence.

Today, 1.6 billion people trust Lifebuoy to provide that extra protection against germs for them and their family. Put your trust in Lifebuoy today - guard your family against germs.

Lifebuoy, the guarantee of protection when you are threatened.


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