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Brand Story

L’OREAL Paris, the ultimate French brand that is also one of the world's top beauty care brands.  Taking pride in creating accesible beauty and personal care ranges that incorporate both advanced scientific technologies and research, available for all woman and men around the world. The brand believes that everyone is intrinsicly worth it, hence its wide range of products tailored for specific needs. Find all facets of beauty care - skincare, hair care, body care, hair colouring, hair styling products and cosmetics. It is constantly innovating the beauty industry by introducing new formulas and new technologies.



-  A leader in global beauty

-  Glamorous - the brand is fronted by the world's most glamorous women like Jennifer Lopez, Laetitia Casta, Eva Langoria, Fan Bing Bing and more.

-  Works closely with top laboratories and scientists to develop accessible solutions for specific needs, proven with research.

-  Believes that everyone should have access to beauty, hence the tagline "Because You're Worth It"

-  Accessible luxury for all those who demand excellence in beauty

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