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Brand Story

We believe every woman has the right to the truth about their own bodies. That's what the iKnowMovement is all about - empowering women with all the right information so they can make the best decisions for themselves, and their lives.


In 2009, Kotex® conducted the BodyLife IQ Study in Asia to discover the level of body awareness and knowledge of women around the region. We found out that many young women around Asia were not equipped with the right information about their bodies, a result of the many body myths that exist in different Asian cultures.


That's when Kotex stepped in with the iKnowMovement - so that women could learn the truth about their bodies. They, in turn, could empower others by scribbling the truth within the Origami Girl, the symbol of the movement, and then passing it on to other women. The iKnowMovement has reached over 1 million women across Asia with their school programmes, web initiatives, outdoor events and Facebook and twitter pages…all from that one single-minded aim of bringing the truth to women in Asia.


Kotex®. We know women, we want women to know too.

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